Jet Polymer plates

Due to the nature of photosensitive materials, we cannot give refunds for unwanted or unused material since we have no way of knowing if it has been exposed to UV light and thus rendered unusable. We also cannot be responsible for user errors such as improper exposure, processing, drying or finishing of the plates. 

Now that we have the usual disclaimers out of the way - we do stand behind the material. Unlike any other supplier we know, we use this plate material regularly and understand how it works. We run a test plate from every batch number of plates we receive and hope that this simple step will prevent any material that is defective from ever reaching our customers. But if you do have a problem we will work with you to determine if any platemaking issues you have are due to material defects.

Buy and read the book we sell and read through all the blog entries on our site for helpful troubleshooting tips. Contact us if you are stumped. Photopolymer intaglio printing and photogravure in particular are complex, multi-faceted practices and there are many potential causes for any given print defect. We will try to help you diagnose and fix them.

Product Data Sheet

Downloadable pdf of the LSL 73SP product data sheet here

Downloadable pdf of the LSL 43SM product data sheet here


Downloadable pdf of MSDS for these plates here