Welcome to Mountain Intaglio!
The seed for this company was planted as I listened to curses coming from my husband’s darkroom while he was making his photogravure plates using another brand of polymer plates. The speedy diligence needed during the drying process was making him crazy.  Then as he was researching for his book, Polymer Photogravure, he began using the new Jet LSL steel-backed photopolymer plates. These plates were more durable, and they did not have the stinky smell of the trickier-to-process nylon plates. Using these Jet LSL plates rewarded him with fewer plate failures from processing problems and me with fewer curses from the darkroom.
When I learned that these plates are available only in large commercial sizes and quantities, I decided to set up Mountain Intaglio to supply these plates in smaller sizes and quantities. I will also offer a selection of other useful products not normally available in the small quantities artists may need.
As the designated nerd in the family, Clay will be providing technical expertise for the business. I am confident he can answer any intaglio plate-making questions you may have.
I am excited about helping you experience these amazing polymer plates!
Happy printing!
Lynn Harmon