Jet USA LSL 43SM photopolymer plates
Jet USA LSL 43SM photopolymer plates
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Jet USA LSL 43SM photopolymer plates

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Steel backed photopolymer plates are 0.43mm thick and have a matte finish after processing. They share all the easy processing qualities of the LSL material and differ primarily in the finish and thickness of the plate. The durometer value for this plate is 60.

The thinner plate material still has enough polymer depth to yield a good maximum black print value whether doing two-exposure or single exposure direct-to-plate techniques.

The thinner plate has a much faster exposure than the now-unavailable LSL 73 SP plates. In our testing, the exposure time dropped from 8 minutes to 6 minutes in our LED exposure unit.

Please note that our cutting process can cause some of the protective plastic to detach from one or two edges up to ¼". (See the second photo in this listing) This is unavoidable, and because most printmakers we know add a plate margin of this size, it is not an issue. However - if you plan on making plates without a plate mark, allow for this reduction in the usable area of the plate when ordering.

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