Complete photogravure starter kit
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Complete photogravure starter kit

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Printmakers who are just starting the photogravure process are often daunted by the task of collecting all the small items necessary to begin to make and print plates. We have assembled a starter kit containing everything needed except for a light source, printing press, ink and paper. Buying these items all at once will greatly simplify getting started.

Photogravure platemaking kit :

  • 10 LSL 43SM 8.3" x 11.7" (A4) plates
  • 1 sexy red 12"x16" washout tray
  • 1 washout pad
  • 2 A4 size pieces of Kreene plastic
  • anti-offset powder in shaker can
  • Soft hake brush for dusting off anti-offset powder from plate
  • de-burring tool for removing sharp corners of trimmed plates
  • 10"x12" medium grain aquatint screen
  • 2 16"x16" lint free microfiber towels for drying plates
  • 1 21-step stouffer's step tablet
  • 2 ink spreaders
  • 2 yards super-soft wiping fabric

These items purchased separately would cost  around $350. Buy them all at once and save!