Salt print - Napolean's bedroom in the Louvre
Black and Blue: Salt Prints and Cyanotype in the 21st century April 9-10, 2022
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Black and Blue: Salt Prints and Cyanotype in the 21st century April 9-10, 2022

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taught by Clay Harmon

After two years of Covid-19, we all feel a little black and blue.

Salt Prints and Cyanotype are two alternative photographic printing processes that date from the 19th Century and the very beginnings of the art and science of photography.

This workshop will introduce the participant to the similarities, differences and unique attributes of these two hand-coated printmaking processes.

The workshop will cover the material requirements and procedures needed to produce hand-coated photographic prints using both of these techniques. Digitally produced negatives appropriate for each process will be created from digital images supplied by the participant.

The first day of the workshop we will print in blue, using both the traditional and new cyanotype formulas. We will tone a few of these blue prints to change their color! At the end of the day, we will prepare our paper for making salt prints on day two. 

The second day of the class will be devoted to salt printing using the paper prepared the previous afternoon. The procedures to expose, clear, tone and fix these prints will occupy our day. A range of print tones can be achieved through the decision to gold tone or not and how any toning is done.

The subjects covered in this class are:

  • 1. Traditional cyanotype

  • 2. New cyanotype

  • 3. Salt Prints

  • 4. Processing steps needed for maximum permanence

  • 5. Chemistry for each process

  • 6. Paper requirements for each process

  • 7. Cyanotype toning

  • 8. Gold toning of salt prints

  • 9. Print care and conservation

  • 10. Digital negatives appropriate for each process

This class requires nothing more than digital image files to be printed. Even camera phone images can make beautiful prints.


Hahnemehule Paper is a generous sponsor of our workshops and will supply the wonderful Hahnemeuhle Platinum Rag and Hahnemeuhle Etching papers. Check out their range of papers at their website.