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Digital Negatives using QTR and QuadToneProfiler-Pro-DN


This two-day class is all about making the best bespoke digital negatives for any print process. We will use Epson printers in the class and a printer driver called QuadToneRIP. However, the concepts that are covered can also be applied to non-Epson printers with some modifications.

A step-by-step workflow will be demonstrated using the cyanotype printmaking process. By the end of the class, we will have covered the details of a negative-making procedure that is capable of faithfully reproducing the image seen on the computer screen onto the resulting print.

We will be using Mac based software for this class, but many of the tools or similar tools are available for Windows users. In particular, the QuadToneRIP software runs well on both systems.

The workshop fee includes all materials.


Topics covered in the workshop

1. Creating a repeatable workflow applicable to any process
2. Monitor calibration
3. QuadToneRIP printer driver
4. QuadToneProfiler-Pro-DN software
5. Color management and the Apple/Adobe/Epson catfight
6. What is L\*A\*B\* and why should I care?
7. PrintTool print layout software
8. Time-saving shortcuts
9. Printer options
10. Measurement tool options - Scanners, Spectrophotometers, and tiny flashlights
11. Negative material options - Pictorico vs alternatives
12. Determining minimum exposure necessary for the specific print process
13. Creating custom inking profiles for different processes
14. Linearization - what it is and why it matters
15. Printing tests for linearizing the process
16. Evaluating the resulting tests
17. Previewing what the print will look like
18. Refining the final print through photoshop curves and output profiles