Introduction to Palladium Printing with Kerik Kouklis June 10-12

In this intensive 2-1/2 day workshop you will learn to make digital negatives from your images and with those you will learn to make prints with the beautiful process of Palladium Printing. You will learn to use the latest QCDN software for making digital negatives and how to calibrate your system at home so you can continue the process on your own. Palladium prints are known for their soft, warm tonality and for being extremely archival when made properly. This is a fun, hands-on workshop that requires no previous experience, just images that you want to print in this beautiful process and an enthusiasm to learn something new.

Hahnemehule Paper is a generous sponsor of our workshops and will supply the wonderful Hahnemeuhle Platinum Rag and Hahnemeuhle Etching papers. Check out their range of papers at their website.

You can sign up and pay for the workshop here: